Pilot production program

  • Acessories
    • Line Cutter

      The rescue knife with moving the blade. The only one solution that can cut paraglider risers and lines also.

      Short Description: Line cutter is projected to be able to cut double car safety belt btw. 4mm x 25mm. And Final release is fill up all expectation :)

         We produce it in the two versions: standard and special. Different is only in the text into the body of the cutter. Standard have thought: “MAKE FROM PILOTS FOR PILOTS” and special have a think by your wish :)
         Update#3-2021, and now it can be fully disassembled and assembled without broke any parts and again print it and glut it. This is fix problem dust with issues into the mechanical lock. If you don`t care line cutter on the best way.

      Produce and shipment time:

      1-2 work day

      Delivery time:

      We know next delivery time

      Price policy:

      Standard price policy

      Price in the local shop:

      45 or 50 euro

      Name for Spedial edition
    • Compe2Commander
    • CompeCommander
  • Handle
  • Instruments
  • GoCAM

Professional production program

  • Professional package
  • Repair DESK
  • RE-Packer

    Line measure tool
    So, are you measure line with precision.

    Short Description: The product is made from our old idea and new think to make a possible to measure the paraglider line in the small office. We are, probably as you, always struggle to measure the line and probably lost a lot of time.

    Produce and shipment time:

    7-10 work day

    Delivery time:

    We know next delivery time

    Price policy:

    With included PayPal fee, included shipment and excluded your country customs fee.

    Pre-order price:

    600 euro

    Price in the local shop:

    900 euro


News 2021

Archive information

15.03.2021 - We are re-arranging a little bit home page and now it makes a contact page with the team tab, contact for, location, and b2b registration form.

16.03.2021 - After the new design of the Acro handle We are past the testing period and start shipping to the customer.

04.04.2021 - Our passion for paragliding result with constantly improving model and product with some improvement in 2021 are: Globe, Acro handle, Compe2Commander, LineCutter ...

20.04.2021 - The new delivery list under covid19 situation is updated : https://covid-postoffice.xyzparagear.com

01.06.2021 - Find a small issue on the Line cutter. Due to the bad owner's keep, and long time stay at hot car instrument table. Have a small deformation and is hard to use. The problem is fixed with a dual material source.

20.11.2021 - Final updates of Line Cutter are: Dual material for body and blade holder, and also now it is fully disassembled and assembled on all parts.


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