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    31.07.2019  Tfc_config 71 is ready for download. New version is compatible with LK8000 71c.

    11.09.2019 - Us now 3d printer is past test period. So, Now We are make a quickly production and time for produce and shipment are go down :)

    20.09.2019 - TFC_V3-L and TFC_V3_F. Lora and Flarm paragliding detection series will be a little bit late. During the prototype testing period, We are seeing small unstable work. So, that will be fixed with a better electric component choice. We must wait for a new component from supplier :) Plan is the same that both versions are available up to the end of the year.

    07.10.2019 - After success testing new series of the Tactical Flight Computer with name TFC_V3L. We are put him in the shop :)

    11.10.2019 - We are make a small visual changes on the website. We hope that you like it.

    17.10.2019 - From today's primary page will be on the English, all other language versions will be without this information, Promotion, Qr and traditional order page. Those pages will be forwarded to the English version :)

    18.11.2019 - We are finish work on the Kobo KITS. Very soon will be available option for buy a case for Kobo Mini, Touch and GLO devices with BlueFly Vario option or with GPS densor with space for addition battery and airwhere tracking system ...

    19.11.2019 - From now Compe2Commander is available and for tandem wings with bigger carabiners :)

    25.11.2019 - Traditional discount will be available for Black Friday 29.11.2019 with a 30% discount and a Christmas week will be open from 22.12-28.12.2019 and from 05.01 - 11.01.2019.

    26.11.2019 - Black Friday and Christmas week discount will be available to buy only from the English home page. We are small production and time is short to make all pages to work property. Thanks for your understand :)

    30.11.2019 - Black Friday is past :( We wait Christmas week :) Up to Christmas We will publish and mobile website. It will be automatically switched to the mobile-optimized page. But that pages will have only basic information. Desktop version says a primary :)

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