• Production procedure

    3Color195All products are made primarily in 3d printing technology, and some product have and metal part or other material.

    For metal part We are take care about magnetic value, and we are use non-magnetic metal or non-permanent magnetic material with small magnetic value, on the all product where it is

    For Color schematic of Us product We are choice color with best visual effect in the air (red, orange and light green).

    If you are in the some special case release or fail you command from hand, the color of the handle can be crucial in recapturing the command and back it in the your hand.

    Why we are in the 2018 start with multi-color print of all handle product (Globe, 2Finger and Acro)?

    With different color for left and right command it will be a smaller chance to put left command in the right hand or opposite special when you are on the back (forward) take off position ....

    Why We are decide to work with PLA and ASA filament?

    We are decide to use PLA for most product witch in the Us production line I mean all product which are integrated direct to the glider. That material have excellent strength, it is bio-degradable and have good color resistance on the UV factor and a little bit smaller temperature resistance on then 50°C or more for one or more hour can be a little bit melt but from other side IT IS NOT TOO SMART to put your glider on that temperature :)

    ASA filament it is use on the LineCutter. ASA have a much better UV color resistance,  much better temperature resistance, a little bit smaller strength  and it is not bio-degradable :(

    Due testing we are have only one small melt deformation on the product LineCutter material was a PLA, and it was Us mistake :( We are forgot him on the car in the instrument table in the direct sun for 4 hours. It was not 100% damaged We are fix problem :)

     Now I wish to say: We will replace all deformed product if anyone have a problem :)

    All product in the shop are tested in the real flight condition, and for now We are sale product to: France, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States, Serbia, Portugal, Macedonia, Thailand, Bosnia, United Arab Emirates ...

    3D printing technology as well as our idea of producing paragliding equipment is very young, and We are ready to listen to all of your thinking and make an even better product in the future. For that think please write Us mail to: shop@xyzparagear.com

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