If you fly dynamically like acro pilots, this handle is right for you

   Short Description: Acro handle is designed for pilots who like it, and we make it in the two shape size. Full Acro and Half Acro:) Like a Globe Acro are made with integrated screw caps that provide nondirect contact metal screw and handle risers :) Line a Glove Acro is available in the multicolor options...


   Versions: The Acro handle is exclusively designed for handles that have a swivel line connection.


   Color scheme:

    One color or two colors for the left and right hand (recommended choice)

Half or Full size
SIZE For thickness of handle Half size width Full size width
M up to 9mm 63 mm 100 mm
L up to 11mm 63 mm 100 mm
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26.46 / 31.69 or
36.92 euro