Our version of a line knife which is capable of cutting paragliding risers with small force in hand :)

   What is in the package?
   In the package is assembled and ready for use Line Cutter, Harness holder (easy integrate Line Cutter on the your harness), Velcro type (for integrate your Line Cutter on the the copit), 2 pieces of secure connector.

   Production version?

Standard edition is with LK8000 think “MAKE FROM PILOT`S FOR PILOT`S”. Think is written on the hand holder part.

Special edition is same like as Standard and only different is on the think, now on that place is put your name or name of your team/club.  Maximum what can fit on the handle is 3 line with 8 characters .


    Color policy:

    Color of the blade holder is black,, and for hand holder you can choice from the: Yellow, Orange or Red. The reason for that is better visual effect with other equipment instrument holder or shoulder risers

   Safety notice: (Reason for that color choice is better visual effect in the time when it need you, and off course with better compatible with other equipment)


 X size

 Z size

 Y size

 Lengh of moving blade


 Necessery force






 9 x 73mm



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Standard: 47.58 euro
SPECIAL: 52.62 euro